Dr. Amanda Goldsmith did not move to Whitehorse, Wyoming expecting to fall in love with a pair of sexy ranchers. She was just looking for a fresh start. A place where no one knew her shameful secret.

Crosley Marshall and Travis Lang did not expect their new veterinarian to bridge the growing gap in their relationship. Nor did either man expect to fall in love with the woman.

But that is the thing about love; it is most delicious and passionate when found in unexpected places between unexpecting people.

Shared Bi The Cowboys is a polyamorous love story filled with passion and emotion. It contains scenes of intimacy between consenting adults and is not intended for anyone under the age of 18. There is steamy male on male contact and multiple MMF scenes. Swords do cross—and often. It is a stand alone story and features a very happily ever after ending.

When circumstances force Margo to spend the summer with her estranged mother, finding love is the farthest thing from her mind. After her latest breakup, she is convinced no guy could ever meet her list of qualifications.

When she meets a pair of sexy lifeguards, while working at her aunt’s bar, she can’t help but wonder if two men might be better than one.

The attraction had been mutual and immediate when Danny met Phillip. But after a year together, the passions have cooled and they are quickly discovering that beyond a love for one another and a fondness for curvy brunettes, they have very little in common.

They can't help but wonder if adding a third person, who shares each of their interests, might save their relationship.
This MMF bisexual ménage romance has no cheating or cliffhangers but does include steamy male on male contact. Lots of it in fact. In the end everyone gets a Happily Ever After.

Linda married Alex early, and over 17 years, they’ve built a marvelous life together. But she’s finding herself with questions. Though Alex is a great husband, she can’t help wondering what she missed out on, marrying the first and only man she ever slept with. She can’t seem to stop fantasizing about being with another man.

Alex has some questions of his own. Back before he met and fell in love with his beautiful wife, there had been someone else. A man. For years, Alex has kept that night a secret. Told himself it was just curiosity. Now, as much as he adores Linda, he thinks there may be a part of him she can’t satisfy.

At Temptations, the couple meet Scott. He’s thoughtful, intelligent…and gorgeous. And he just might be the man who answers all their questions—including some they haven’t even asked themselves.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Fireworks in Paradise is part of the Temptation In Paradise collaboration. It can be read as a standalone story and has a happily ever after ending. It is a MMF story and includes scenes with male to male sexual contact. Lots of it in fact. Hot, steamy man love.

Why do people insist on keeping secrets, when sharing is so much more fun?

I have not figured out what my boyfriend, Josh, is hiding from me, but it could not be as bad as my own secrets.

My parents lead what you would call an unconventional lifestyle. Three years ago I spent time at their home in Key West. It is how I met a local named Brock. He is sexy as hell and bisexual.

When things didn't work out between us, I moved back to Indianapolis and met Josh. He may not be as good looking as Brock, but he is much more open with his emotions.

Together they would be the perfect man.

When we are forced to make a trip to visit my parents, I hope to avoid Brock and keep Josh from learning about my past.

But it is a small town and secrets won't be the only thing shared.

This MMF bisexual erotic romance contains explicit, sexual adventures, including, MF, and MMF encounters. 18+

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